Spark Commercial Bay


Location: Commercial Bay, Customs St West
Client: Spark
Architect: Warren and Mahoney
Lighting: Lightplan

Client brief

Client brief

Spark Commercial Bay Flagship store was designed to reimagine retail and meet global telco trends and best practise. Realising the technology in our digital world and enhancing human experience in an interactive and tactile environment was key to setting the standard for stores in the future.

Lighting is an essential component in the store to enhance this experience using different elements of artificial light to create a playful and visually exciting space and not only a retail store. 

How we met the brief

How we met the brief

We selected the LIGEO™ lighting solution as a focal geometric decorative element, suspended over the first and second level staircase landings. The strong lines and angles used in the pendant design reflected the architecture, Spark brand and design elements of the walls leading into the staircase. Creating a 3D pendant suspended at that height and location required a quality light fixture with longevity and low maintenance. The Ligeo Pendant also created a visual statement which was unique to the Spark store.

Track mounted spotlights with a high CRI were used across all floors to create a focus on product and improve horizontal light levels. Dali dimming and a range of optics between 20 and 70 degrees were used to effectively highlight product and surfaces from a pre-set track layout while controlling potential glare for consumers.

Diffused Strip Lighting was designed into the solid staircase forming a lighting element from the ground floor and continued to the second floor. The integration of the strip light into the formwork of the step to create an indirect light source and visual effect of a floating step was not without its challenges. With a marginally narrow recess for the channel to be mounted the accurate construction of the stairs was critical for the strip to be installed and deliver the visual element intended.

The live moss walls that lined the staircase was highlighted by integrating light strip behind a diffuser to follow and outline the geometric design of this feature.

Custom Linear Profile luminaires were surface mounted over the café are on the second floor to follow the angled architecture of the space. Additional linear lights with integrated spotlights were mounted between the acoustic baffles providing adequate lighting levels in the events space with Dali control used to customize the lighting for different events.

The result delivered was complimented by the client and project team as it added to an exciting and ground breaking flagship store for the client.


One of the stand-out products recently added to our range is Ligeo, a modular 3D system comprising individual luminaires that link together to create abstract and dynamic forms, as the components are cleverly designed to maintain flexibility. Even once installed there’s a huge amount of scope to change up the look. Ligeo is ideal for a range of commercial applications and is available now as a stock item.