The LPL2 is a compact, streamlined design. At 55mm wide this profile is suited to most applications. This is our most cost effective profile allowing it to be used in large, open offices without the big cost.

LED constant current-4000K/3000K- 20W/m-2000 lm/m-CRI82- MacAdam ellispe <3


Osram fixed output

Osram DALI Dimmable

Natural anodised silver



Custom colour

Aluminium housing with opal acrylic lens

1200LED 3KAL5271
1200LED 4KAL3254
1200LED 4KBK3252
1200LED 4KWH1848
1500LED 3KAL3556
1500LED 4KAL4261 
1500 LED 4KBK 1434 
1500LED 4KWH2911
2000 LED 3KAL4600
2000LED 3KBK2825 
2000LED 4KAL5311
2000LED 4KBK4129
2000LED 4KWH3359
2400LED 3KAL5752
2400LED 3KBK2102
2400LED 4KAL5138
2400LED 4KBK5139
2400LED 4KWH5137
3000LED 3KAL5143
3000LED 3KBK1379
3000LED 4KAL5149
3000LED 4KBK5150
3000LED 4KWH5148
4000LED 4KBK3667

Please consult Lightplan for custom lengths and availability.

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