LP 9 Series


The LP 9 family of fixtures consists of two parallel aluminum channels 210mm across. Gimbal ring downlights attach between the extrusions in a hardwired design. The minimal, 26mm frame is ideal for mimimal applications in kitchen, retail, or office lighitng where point source and direct downlight is key.


Natural anodised aluminium, black, white

Lamp Options

14W LED 60̊, 80̊ beam options
70W/ 35W MH G8.5 CDM
AR111 12V Halogen
MR16 12V Halogen


L: 2400mm, 2000mm, W: 210mm, D: 26mm,


All units come complete with 3000mm suspension wires, 115mm dia ceiling rose and clear flex.


Please consult Lightplan

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