LP 11 Series


The LP 11 family of fixtures consists of two parallel aluminum channels 275mm across. Downlights attach between the extrusions in a open gimbal ring or modular(integral ballast) configuration. Additional fluorescent uplight can be added in the parallel channels. The Lightplane 11 system can be configured to your exact specifications.


Natural anodised aluminium (stocked), white, black (custom)

Lamp Options

2000mm - 4 x 14W (indirect), 5 x 50W MR16 (direct)
2450mm - 4 x 21W (indirect), 5 x 50W MR16 (direct)
2600mm - 4 x 21W (indirect), 5 x 50W MR16 (direct)
See Data sheet for other lamp configurations


L: Made to length or stocked sizes above, W: 275mm, H: 55mm,


All units come complete with 3000mm suspension wires, 115mm dia ceiling rose and clear flex.


Please consult Lightplan

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